Water & Wastewater

tank_storage_header_bCRS has provided superior value and reliability to the water and wastewater industry for more than a century. We built our first elevated water storage tank in 1894, pioneered the transition to welded steel tanks in the 1930s, and developed the original Watersphere®, Waterspheroid® and Hydropillar® storage tanks.

We provide turnkey design-build services for water and wastewater projects, handling everything from concept through start-up. This approach is possible because our people have extensive hands-on expertise in all aspects of project development, from process selection and design, engineering, fabrication and procurement to foundations work, construction and painting.

Water storage. Our record in the design and construction of water storage is unmatched. Over the past century, CRS has built more than 25,000 elevated water tanks, pioneered better tank designs and storage technologies, and developed a unique trailing scaffold system that makes construction safer and more efficient while improving inspection access. Our Waterspheroid® and Hydropillar® elevated tanks are the most popular styles in use today, and we also supply cost-effective Composite Elevated Tanks that combine a reinforced concrete support pedestal with a steel tank. In addition, we design and build reservoirs and standpipes – ground-level tanks that can be built to virtually any capacity and dimension.

Specifications, Drawings and Brochures for CRS Water Storage Tanks:

Waterspheroid® Elevated Tank Specification
Waterspheroid® Elevated Tank Drawings 
Waterspheroid® Elevated Tank Brochure

Composite Elevated Tank Specification
Composite Elevated Tank Drawings
Composite Elevated Tank Brochure

Hydropillar® Elevated Tank Specification
Hydropillar® Elevated Tank Drawings
Hydropillar®Elevated Tank Brochure

Reservoir & Standpipe Specification
Reservoir & Standpipe Brochure

Protective Coatings for Welded Steel Reservoirs

Water & wastewater treatment. CRS offers special structures for water and wastewater treatment. We began offering ESD™ Egg-Shaped Digester systems in 1989, and we’ve made a number of advancements over the years. The Egg-Shaped Digester is one of the most efficient and cost-effective anaerobic systems for sludge treatment. In addition, CRS is the original provider of the ClariCone® solids contact clarifier for potable water and wastewater treatment. CRS’ experience and know-how is unparalleled with well over 300 ClariCone installations on a variety of applications, treating in excess of 700 million gallons per day.